Clinical Studies Resource (CSR)

Clinical Studies Resource (CSR) Component

The CSR is a service node for clinical and translational research (CTR) at Children’s National. The CSR encompasses a variety of resources and services divided into sub-components. Each sub-component provides specialized services for investigators/research staff and their clinical research protocols.

Resources include:

  • 9 out-patient beds
  • 5 in-patient beds
  • 3 infusion chairs
  • 1 procedure room
  • 1 exam room
  • 1 room for sleep-related studies.

The CSR offers support in the following areas:

  1. Clinical Research Nursing Support at the CSR and in-hospital Services: Drug infusions, PK testing, Metabolic Testing, Physical Exams, Vitals, Blood Collection, Sample Processing and Shipping, Medication Administration, and Comprehensive Muscle Testing
  2. Laboratory Support: Sample Processing, Storage and Shipment, and DNA/RNA Extraction Services
  3. Study Coordination and Regulatory Submissions Support: Study coordination, pre-award and post-award support
  4. Cardiovascular Testing: ECG, Telemetry, Ambulatory BP, and Pulse oxymetry
  5. Exercise physiology/Metabolic: Bioelectrical impedance, BodPod, Exhaled nitric oxide analyzer, Metabolic cart, Resting metabolic rate equipment, Treadmill equipment, Strength testing equipment for large muscle groups, and Calorimetry equipment.
  6. Bionutrition: Food records, meal study capabilities, diet education and menu planning


CSR Standard Operating Procedures:
View CSR fees by clicking here (.pdf).