SPARC Request

Do you want to...

  • Manage all of your studies and requests in one central location?
  • Request or obtain research pricing for research services at Children's National?
  • Create research participant visit schedules and indicate source of funding?

You can through SPARC, a web-based Research Management System "One-Stop-Shop" for researchers and their study teams to submit requests for CTSI-CN services and resources:

  1. Biomedical Informatics - Strategies for research database design; data management (REDCap, OpenClinica); access to high performance computing; access to MedDRA
  2. Clinical Studies Resource - Nursing support; laboratory processing and shipping; bionutrition; neuropsychological evaluation; room and other support for clinical and translational research projects
  3. Community Engaged Research/Health Policy - Comparative effective research design; strategies to develop or impact related regulatory or health policies; integrating patient and community engagement into research design process
  4. Design, Epidemiology and Biostatistics - Study design, epidemiology, and/or biostatistical support for your translational science project (T1-T4). If your project is not translational science, please submit your request for study design, epidemiology, and/or biostatistical support to the Children's National Division of Biostatistics and Study Methodology by using the orange "Cores & Facilities" tab on the left-hand side of the screen (this includes all basic science projects, nursing research projects, REACH projects, quality improvement projects, and hospital operations/finance projects).
  5. Grants Enhancement Program - Internal review, feedback and consultation of proposals; external review experienced external reviewer; facilitated group meetings with peer investigators; assistance with grant writing; packaging and assembling applications for submission
  6. Innovative Strategies and Services - Proteomics/genomics; device development (3D printing, design, prototyping); imaging (MRI, CT, US, and other modalities); project development planning (funding sources, legal assistance, regulatory advice)
  7. Open Studios - Submit your request to present your research concept to CTSI-CN Component leads and experienced concept faculty based on specific areas of research and needs identified by the investigator
  8. Pilot Studies Program - Submit applications for the CTSI-CN 2014 Pilot RFA cycle
  9. Regulatory Knowledge/IRB Support - Sponsor and FDA required regulatory submissions; preparation of IRB applications using the IRBear system; Participant Advocacy program; consultation on GCP guidelines; Human Subject Protection training
  10. Voucher Award Program - Submit applications for rapidly deployed financial support to address critical gaps in your research/project and/or funding for a small-scale project (e.g. CSR, DEB, and ISS voucher awards)
Request CTSI-CN support and manage your research participant visit schedules here.  Please note: SPARC is not compatable with Internet Explorer.
Component: Status:
Biomedical Informatics Coming Soon
Clinical Studies Resource (CSR/CRC) Currently Available
Community Engaged Research/Health Policy Currently Available
Design, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics Currently Available
Grants Enhancement Program Currently Available
Innovative Strategies and Services Currently Available
Open Studios Currently Available
Pilot Studies Program Application Currently Available
Regulatory Knowledge/IRB Support  Coming Soon
Voucher Award Program Currently Available

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