CTSI-CN Executive Committee

The CTSI-CN Executive Committee (EC) consists of Component Directors and Co-Directors and is the primary deliberate body of the CTSI-CN, as well as the forum for assuring close integration of all components, programs, activities, and partnering institutions.

Members of the EC include:

                               Chair:                 Lisa M. Guay-Woodford (Children's National; PI)

                               Co-Chair:           Robert Miller (GW; co-PI)

                               Members:          Brian Jacobs (Children's National; Informatics)
                                                          Keith Crandall (GW; Computation Biology Institute)
                                                          Avital Cnaan (Children's National; Biostatistics and Study Design)
                                                          Joseph Bocchino (GW; Education)
                                                          Marshall Summar (Children's National; Clinical Studies Resource)
                                                          Kevin Cleary (Children's National; Innovation)
                                                          Lisa Gilmore (CAB)