Special Issue on Collaboration Science and Translational Medicine (open access)

Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to announce a new special (open access) issue on Collaboration Science and Translational Medicine published in the Journal of Translational Medicine and Epidemiology, accessible through: http://www.jscimedcentral.com/TranslationalMedicine/translationalmedicine-spid-collaboration-science-translational-medicine.php
The issue is a collaboration representing many from the SciTS network. The issue is intended to provide editorial, review, research, case report, short communication, and commentary in arena of education, theory, medicine, practice, ethics and applied research through the intersection of the key topical areas of Collaboration Science and Translational Medicine. We hope you find the issue interesting and useful in your scholarship. Below is a list of titles and authors for your review. 
  1. Defining Collaborative Science in an Age of Translational Medicine. Gaetano R. Lotrecchiano, Special Issue Editor.
  2. Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity: Keyword Meanings for Collaboration Science and Translational Medicine. Julie Thompson Klein
  3. How to Tell the Truth with Statistics: The Case for Accountable Data Analyses in Team-based Science. Jonathan A. L. Gelfond, Craig M. Klugman, Leah J. Welty, Elizabeth Heitman, Christopher Louden, and Brad H. Pollock
  4. Research Networking Systems: The State of Adoption at Institutions Aiming to Augment Translational Research Infrastructure. Jihad S. Obeid, Layne M. Johnson, Sarah Stallings, David Eichmann
  5. Pioneering the Transdisciplinary Team Science Approach: Lessons Learned from National Cancer Institute Grantees. Amanda L. Vogel, Brooke A. Stipelman, Kara L. Hall, Linda Nebeling, Daniel Stokols, and Donna Spruijt-Metz
  6. Improving Collaboration: Guidelines for Team Training. Christina Lacerenza and Eduardo Salas, PhD (Deferred Publication Date)
  7. The Devil is in the (Mis)alignment: Developing Curriculum for Clinical and Translational Science Professionals. Ozgur Ekmekci, Gaetano R. Lotrecchiano, Mary Corcoran
  8. Case Studies in Pediatric Team Science. Rasheda Amin, Sharon Malcolm, Joshua Bedwell, and Gaetano R. Lotrecchiano
  9. Promoting Teamwork in Translational Medical Teams: Insights and Recommendations from Science and Practice. Lauren E. Benishek, Ashley M. Hughes, Megan E. Gregory, Shirley C. Sonesh, Eduardo Salas, and Elizabeth H. Lazzara
  10. Advancing Transdisciplinary Research: The Transdisciplinary Energetics and Cancer Initiative. Sarah Gehlert, Kara Hall, Amanda Vogel, Sarah Hohl, Sherry Hartman, Linda Nebeling,  Susan Redline, Kathryn Schmitz, Mark Thornquist, Ruth Patterson, Beti Thompson
  11. Mapping the Impact of Transdisciplinary Research: A Visual Comparison of Investigator Initiated and Team Based Tobacco Use Research Publications. Brooke A. Stipelman.  Kara L. Hall Angela Zoss, Janet Okamoto, Dan Stokols,  and Katy Börner.
  12. Towards “Collaborative Ethics” for Translational Medical Research Teams. Perry Payne, Shawneequa Callier, and Attila Hertelendy
  13. The “Welcome Letter”: A Useful Tool for Laboratories and Teams. L. Michelle Bennett, Richard Maraia, and Howard Gadlin

Gaetano R. Lotrecchiano, EdD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Research and Leadership,
      and of Pediatrics
Member, Academy of Distinguished Teachers
George Washington University
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
2100 W Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington DC, 20037