Grants Enhancement Program

Grants Enhancement Office.

The purpose of the Grants Enhancement Office (GEO) is to improve grant applications submitted by investigators and faculty members at the Children's National Medical Center and The George Washington University in order to maximize the probability of funding. The Office is directed by Dr. Peter Scheidt and includes Dr. Stephan Ladisch, Dr. Cynthia Rand, and Ms. Christina Robinson.

The GEO assists with grant proposal development and applications by providing:

  • Internal review, feedback and consultation of proposals by GEO faculty (in addition to and in collaboration with those of mentors and supervisors).  Such collaboration may be at any time in the course of developing a proposal, from initial draft of specific aims to a final proposal.
  • In-depth external review of well-developed proposals by a carefully selected, experienced external reviewer. This external review is offered for proposals where the necessary expertise is not available at Children's National or George Washington U. The proposal must be for significant R level funding and endorsed by the Department or Division head as ready for external review. To allow adequate time for reviews and resulting modifications, specific aims are required three months ahead of the due date and a full proposal in good shape is required six weeks ahead of the due date.
  • Facilitated group meetings with peer investigators at the same level, who provide support, information, guidance and feedback:
    • K Group for those pursuing Mentored Career Development (K) Awards (usually meets monthly)
    • R Group for those pursuing R level funding (usually meets monthly)
  • Review conferences or seminars for experienced multi-disciplinary input. These conferences are conducted primarily for full R level proposals.
    • “Mock study section” like reviews with multiple reviewers (usually 3) in a conference setting for educational purposes as well as feedback
    • Multidiscipline discussions for investigators seeking broad input, creative ideas, and collaboration opportunities early in project development
  • The assistance of an experienced scientific writer is available for investigators with strong scientific proposal(s) who have difficulty with scientific writing (i.e., investigators with English as a second language). Up to 4 hours of assistance is available through the Grants Enhancement Office, after which the investigator’s department is expected to provide the funds for this help.
  • Guidance and resources regarding the assembly and packaging of applications. A staff member with extensive experience in grant submissions is available for consultation from the initial planning stages through final submission. A library of materials, including examples of successful proposals, checklists and suggested timelines is available to participating investigators.

To request support from the Grants Enhancement Program, please email Grants Enhancement.


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