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REDCap Independent Tutorial Review and Test

We realize that attending class is sometimes difficult to juggle with your clinical and other duties, so we offer an alternate opportunity to classroom training.

  1. View all of the tutorials. The REDCap video tutorials are available to view without a REDCap username. Simply scroll down the webpage below the sign in area and all videos are available for viewing
  2. View the REDCap REDCap FAQ.
  3. Take the REDCap exam.
  • You must earn a score of 75% or greater.
  • When you complete the exam and receive a passing score, please request a REDCap account.
  • The exam can be taken at most three times. If failed after three attempts, you are required to attend the REDCap 101 training for full access.
  • Receive a REDCap user name and password!

Warning… This exam is NOT easy, so please take the time to carefully review the tutorials and the FAQs!!!