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Certificate Programs

Certificate in Biomedical Computing

Undergraduate (Junior or Senior status) and graduate students from the George Washington University (primarily students in the Department of Computer Science) who are interested in Biomedical Computing. The main objective of the Certificate is to combine academic experience with practical hands-on training through applications in real-world domains.

To learn more please visit: Certificate in Biomedical Computing

Certificate in Research Ethics (archived)

Participants will learn what makes research ethical by analyzing a selected history of ethical lapses in human research and the appropriate response to prevent such moral failures. The focus will be placed on the framework for biomedical research and the work of independent review and oversight (IRB). The students will explore the ethical review of scientific design, participant selection, enrollment of special populations, and conflict of interest, as well as specific tasks such as risk-benefit assessment and the process of informed consent and assent. Finally, participants will complete an analysis of the ethical review process of a research protocol  as well as an approach to research misconduct.

To learn more please visit: Certificate in Research Ethics

The Innovation and Product Development Certificate Program (archived)

The CTSI-CN and the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation are pleased to announce a new program focusing on the skills, knowledge, and insight needed to successfully participate in the innovation process and culture. The program will consist of 4 workshops, each beginning with a panel discussion and ending with questions and answers from the audience.

To learn more please visit: The Innovation and Product Development Certificate Program