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GW: Accessing and Using NVivo for Qualitative Research Projects

Friday, October 29, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:00

Accessing and Using NVivo for Qualitative Research Projects

In this workshop, participants will be able to access and use LAI's NVivo software; use basic functionalities of qualitative data analysis software for research; and find and access some of LAI's subscriptions for qualitative research.

Workshop materials will be sent immediately following workshop registration in an asynchronous format. Two optional hyflex drop-in support sessions will be provided to support learners' questions and provide additional guidance.

This workshop is part of the Using Programming and Code for Research workshop series for for anyone who wants to get started or learn more about use programming languages like Python, R, or other applications. These tools can help you to collect, manipulate, clean, analyze, and visualize research data or automate many repetitive tasks. If you need personalized assistance with a data analysis, programming, or coding project, consider booking a consultation with one of our librarian-experts.

In-person attendance of this workshop is open to GW students, faculty, and staff whose GWorld allows them to tap into Gelman Library. No visitors will be allowed into Gelman to attend this workshop. If you do not have access to Gelman, please attend online.

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Building access is available to GW students, faculty, and staff who have completed all of the steps outlined on GW's Onward website. No one will be allowed to sign in without a physical GWorld card or enter the library if their GWorld card tap is denied. Library access is not available for alumni or visitors. Masks are required inside all library buildings.