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Highlight Your Biosketch

Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00



K-Special Interest Group Seminar

Highlight your Biosketch  



Alison K. Hall, PhD
Associate Dean for Research Workforce Development
Professor of Neurology, The GWU School of Medicine & Health Sciences


Topics will include:  

  • Tailor your personal statement for effectiveness
  • Create & link your My Bibliography reference tool 
  • Describe your contributions to science 
Thursday, July 18: Time: 12-1pm


Children's National, Main hospital 5th Floor, Classroom A

Rachel Smilow


Before the Meeting:
Please prepare a draft Biosketch
and bring your laptop to this KSIG workshop as we will be having a working meeting. Be sure to do the following in advance:

  1. Draft your own NIH biosketch designed for the "next step," (eg, a K or R grant). See the NIH Biosketch page for instructions and examples
  2. Establish eRA Commons account if you don’t already have one (CRI contact Stephanie Bair and GW contact Kai-Kong Chan
  3. Establish My Bibliography reference tool (see; this will be linked on Biosketch and linked to eRA account.