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The Informatics Core brings together Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics to both conduct novel research (including the development of new analytical tools) and provide clinical researchers with support and training for data management, data analysis, data sharing, and secure data transmission and storage. We also guide our users on an array of clinical research tools addressing Cohort Discovery, Recruitment and Retention for Clinical Trials, Analysis tools, and provide specific Bioinformatics Consultations.

If you need support from the Informatics Core, please use our SPARC Request system to put in a request, selecting the Bioinformatics, Data Management, and Informatics Research Tools module from the menu.

The Informatics Core is designed to address the following aims:

AIM 1:   Develop FABRIC, a novel, flexible, and secure service oriented architecture to support research access to conventional and emerging data sources while maintaining data integrity, management,
              interoperability, and security. 

AIM 2:   Develop, test, and deploy novel data access and analytic tools to provide intuitive, agile, and responsive access by researchers at this and other CTSA hubs. 

AIM 3:   Learn from and train diverse stakeholders (e.g. infrastructure users, data contributors, tool users, data consumers) to increase collaboration between clinicians, scientific communities, patients and families,                        industry, and other CTSA hubs.

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Please also visit the CTSI-CN Faculty and Staff Directory and select the "Informatics" Core service area to seek the faculty/staff member(s) responsible for this resource.

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