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Mentor Development Program

What is the Mentor Development Program?

One of the aims of the Research Education, Training and Career Development (RETCD) component of the CTSI-CN is to expand and develop the pool of Clinical and Translational Research (CTR) faculty mentors through the implementation of a multifaceted mentorship and leadership program, building upon existing resources and new innovative strategic initiatives across the enterprise. The CTSI-CN uses a multi-pronged approach to allow the CTSI-CN to serve as a transformative resource for mentorship development at Children’s National Hospital and George Washington University (GW). 

Each fall, a one-day conference focused on mentorship is offered to the GW and Children's National community. Presentations and break-out sessions address particular needs of faculty at various academic ranks and disciplines. The annual conference provides: a) an opportunity to bring together faculty from multiple schools within the GW and Children's National community to share common experiences and learned wisdom, b) an opportunity to foster collaborations between schools and between GW and Children's National, and c) brings visibility to the importance of mentorship.

A Mentoring Toolkit, which contains resources including mentoring contracts, individualized academic career plans, journal articles, mentoring program curricula and training materials, and assessment tools. 

Consultation services for mentor program development. Individuals and/or departments may request a mentorship consultation. An initial intake will identify current resources and perceived needs, and provide linkages to resources and potential opportunities for collaboration, both within and outside of the Children's National/GW community to develop a mentoring program that will meet the group's specific needs. 

Development of CTSI-CN mentors. Individuals who serve as mentors for KL2 award recipients, METEOR Program students, and Children's National and GW faculty enrolled in the CTR Graduate Program are provided resources to enhance their mentoring skills, including links to online tutorials and other training materials.

Who is eligible?

All Children’s National Hospital and George Washington University research faculty and staff can participate in the Mentor Development Program.

How do I Apply?

To participate, please submit a Mentor Development Program Consultation Request Form.

For more information, please visit the CTSI-CN Faculty and Staff Directory and select the "Translational Workforce Development" service area to find the person responsible for this resource.

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