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Charting the Life Course: An Interdisciplinary Blueprint

Life course research embraces the complexity of health and disease development, tackling the extensive interactions between genetics and the environment over a lifetime. Recent advances in computational analytics, computer science, and data collection allow for the integration of a “life course” theoretical framework and complexity science for understanding health and development across the lifespan. 

The innovative NCATS Life Course Research Visual Toolkit was created to advance the recommendations outlined in, Charting the Life Course: Emerging Opportunities to Advance Scientific Approaches Using Life Course Research

This toolkit was made possible through the generous contributions of the planning committee and speakers’ time, with support from the Vanderbilt (VUMC 5UL1TR002243-04) and Utah (ULTTR002538) CTSAs and partial funding from the Life Course Research Intervention Research Network (Health Resources and Services Administration, UA6MC32492). Drs. Heidi Hanson and Shari Barkin led the working group to develop and create the toolkit. 

Life Course Research Visual Toolkit

Charting the Life Course: An Interdisciplinary Blueprint

  • Ted-Style Talks
  • Mining Observational Data to Link the Phenome & Exposome
  • Integrating Data Across the Lifespan
  • Implementing Public Policy
  • Statistical Methods for Complexity Science

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