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Research Nursing & Coordinator Services

What is this resource?

The Participant and Clinical Interactions Core of the CTSI-CN offers a variety of Research Nursing & Coordinator Services to researchers at Children's National Hospital.

Services include:

  • Consultation (free) -

    • Conduct a preliminary discussion to determine the scope and needs of a specific project
  • Skilled Nursing -

    • History and physical exam

    • Vital signs and observation

    • Collection of human biological samples (e.g., phlebotomy)

    • Administration of research medication(s)

    • Peripheral line access and maintenance

    • Serial blood sampling (PK/PD Studies)

    • Continuous infusions

    • Oral and IV glucose tolerance testing

    • Cardiac monitoring and 12-lead EKG

    • Documentation of care and reporting adverse events to study team

  • Proficient Research Study Coordination -

    • Budget submission

    • Case Report Forms (CRFs) and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) submission

    • Informed consent development

    • Maintain communication between PI, sponsor, institution, and research participants

    • Meet and uphold study timelines

    • Regulatory document completion and submission

    • Research participant recruitment and screening

    • Scheduling and management of study visits

    • Study closure

Who can use this resource?

All Children’s National Hospital researchers can utilize the CTSI-CN's Research Nursing & Coordinator Services.

How much does access to this resource cost?

Research Nursing & Coordinator Services are offered at reasonable cost. To see the price associated with these services or other CTSI-CN resources, please visit the SPARC Request portal.

How do I access this resource?

To request Research Nursing & Coordinator Services from the CTSI-CN, please arrange for a consultation meeting via the SPARC Request portal.

Note: We encourage investigators to contact us early in the study design and planning process.

Who should I contact for more information?

For questions regarding the CTSI-CN's Research Nursing & Coordinator Services, please request a consultation via our SPARC Request portal.

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