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Responsible Conduct of Research Training

What is Responsible Conduct of Research Training?

On May 13th, 2013, the CTSI-CN, Children's Research Institute, Children's Office for the Protection of Human Subjects (OPHS), and the George Washington University research community offered the first interactive training for the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). Leadership from each organization presented a series of scenarios that posed real-life ethical situations researchers may encounter. The following scenarios were enacted: What would you do if your colleague asked you to falsify data to improve the outcome of a study? How would you feel if you qualified to be a participant in a promising study, only to find you were not eligible because the PI changed the inclusion/exclusion criteria after it had been approved by the IRB? Would you give a negative review of an outstanding research article to a publisher if it outshines your own similar research project?

This training session helped fulfill the RCR interactive component for NIH- and NSF-supported trainees, fellows, participants, and scholars. The event was directed by Dr. Jodi Kanter, Director of the Dramatic Literature Department at the George Washington University Department of Theatre and Dance.

See photos from the event below:

Playbill poster in the atrium foyer

Leadership Takes the Stage: Responsible Conduct of Research Playbill

Adriana Brigatti, JD, MPH, LLM, CIP, Director of Research Regulatory Affairs at Children’s National, welcomes participants

A prospective clinical trial subject (Mark Batshaw, MD) discusses participating in a clinical trial with his wife (Lisa Schwartz, EdD, MS) while folding laundry

Lead researcher (Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD) discusses subject eligibility and enrollment with her research coordinator (Madison Berl, PhD)

The audience reacts to the actors and portrayed scenario

The prospective clinical trial participant (Mark Batshaw, MD) and his wife (Lisa Schwartz, EdD, MS) discuss treatment options with the attending doctor (Elizabeth Wells, MD)

A senior faculty researcher (Mendel Tuchman, MD) encourages his graduate student (Natella Rakhmanina, MD) to find favorable outcomes.

Senior faculty researcher (Mendel Tuchman, MD) meets with the Research Integrity Officer (Kanneboyina Nagaraju, PhD, DVM)

Robert Donnally, JD, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Outreach at George Washington University facilitates discussion

The audience engages the leadership and facilitators

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