Study Design

Choosing the right methods and approach to best answer your research question is critical to the success of your project. There are many effective, proven study designs to choose from; so how do you make sure you’ve chosen the best design? 

The resources and consultation services listed here can take the mystery out of this essential step in the research process.

Understand Study Design Options
Determine Your Study Population
  • TriNetX
    • TriNetX is a dynamic, data driven platform that leverages the i2b2 data warehouse and Cerner PowerChart (EHR). A researcher can easily generate a query to perform study feasibility and cohort discovery.
  • How do I center People of Color in my study?
    • This article outlines five ways to recognize multiplicities of identities and create space for people of color.
Know Your Research Ethics
Institutional Contacts
  • Study Design Support: SparcRequest and SparcRequest Instructions 
    • The CTSI-CN currently uses the SPARC system for all BERD and PCI request for services. Once you create a login user ID and password you can submit a request. All requests receive four hours of free service and we use both the percent effort and hourly rate charge models. The link below provides more details on how to complete this process.