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Welcome to the
CTSI-CN Virtual Organizer

The CTSI-CN Virtual Organizer connects GW and CNH investigators, staff, and community partners with local research training, tools, and navigators. This web-based organizer integrates knowledge, resources, and best practices from the CTSI-CN and the CTSA network to assist investigators and research teams through the 8 steps of the research cycle. 


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Research Question

  • Turn a clinical observation into a study
  • Formulate a testable hypothesis
  • Conduct a systematic literature review
  •  Gather input on your ideas
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Research Team

  • Know the research team roles
  • Build a mentorship team
  • Find collaborators
  • Increase team effectiveness

Study Design

  • Understand different study designs
  • Speak with experts
  • Determine your study population
  • Know your research ethics

Protocols & Compliance

  • Understand best practices
  • Talk to regulatory experts
  • Develop a protocol
  • Ensure compliance
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  • Meet the funding agencies
  • Know NIH funding mechanisms
  • Stay informed about funding opportunities
  • Find pilot/intramural funding

Proposal Development

  • Think strategically
  • Hone your grant writing skills
  • Review successful examples
  • Seek feedback on your proposal
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Conducting the Study

  • Find staff support
  • Recruit patients
  • Utilize your facilities
  • Manage your data
  • Access Health Equity Toolkit
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Reporting Results

  • Analyze data
  • Write a paper
  • Share findings
  • Evaluate research impact
  • Gain tech transfer support

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