What We Do

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For over 10 years, the CTSI-CN has worked to accelerate health research at our partner institutions to achieve better health and more equitable healthcare for our community, with a particular emphasis on children and families. We have served as a catalyzing force across the institutions to strengthen the research workforce, support investigators and innovative projects, provide cost-effective services and resources, and streamline research processes. To get a better understanding of how CTSI-CN impacts research locally and nationally, explore the below examples of recent accomplishments.

COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Vouchers

Awarded 10 rapid-response vouchers enabling research teams to access critical tools and services for COVID-19 research

COVID-Related Proposal Preparation Support

Provided study design support, database development services, and research tool creation for over 60 investigators, resulting in over 350 publications

Collaboration and Community Engagement Support
  • Accommodated over 150 clinical and translational studies transferred from outpatient clinics due to physical distancing requirements
  • Provided research nurse staffing for CNH-DC Department of Occupational Health collaboration to screen 5,000 CNH healthcare workers for seroconversion
  • Matched 10 multi-site COVID-19 clinical trials to CNH/GW investigators
  • Partnered with Children’s Health Equity Institute to create regional demographic database to examine disparities in pediatric testing that led to EHR data used in over 50 publications to date
Data Coordination
  • Developed  REDCap database and associated Wiki to aggregate all COVID-19 studies developed at CNH/GW
  • Supported genomic sequencing of viral isolates/patients with MIS-C
  • Contributed data from 59,805 patients (CNH & GW) to NCATS National COVID Collaborative (N3C)
New and Improved Processes
  • Developed a REDCap-based eConsent process for non-FDA-regulated studies, utilized by over 50 studies to date
  • Streamlined COVID-19 biosample accrual/distribution from the central Biorepository
  • Accelerated over 40 COVID-related protocols through the Scientific Review Committee

Clinical and Translational Research Initiatives

Local and National Data Access
  • Led initiative for CNH membership in PEDSnet
  • Coordinated agreement for data sharing with CRISP Health Information Exchange 
  • Established CNH-GW Data Sharing Agreements

  • Created FABRIC (Flexible Architecture for Building Research Informatics Collaborations) environment able to dynamically provision computing and storage applications

  • Facilitated establishment of REDCap at GW

Training & Education
  • Assisted hundreds of early-career investigators through Grants Enhancement Program; over 40% of GEP-reviewed applications have been funded
  • Launched expanded Good Clinical Practice training in 2019; over 350 investigators and staff trained across CNH and GW
  • Enrolled 494 investigators/research staff in clinical and translational research degree and certificate courses
  • Established CTSI-CN/FDA Fellowship Program; 2nd fellow currently training at FDA
  • Supported 20 KL2 Career Development Award Scholars
    • 100% of Scholars published a first-author paper within 2 years of completing the program
    • 85% are currently in academic careers
    • 87% have served as co-Investigator, site Principal Investigator, or Principal Investigator on an extramural award
    • 80% have led a federal or foundation award as Principal Investigator
Clinical Research Support
  • Established telehealth for research with REDCap-based eConsent
  • Successfully implemented Advarra OnCore CTMS at GW Cancer Center; CNH implementation of OnCore on track for early 2022
  • Developed biorepository at CNH
  • Established an IRB-approved Healthy Bear Control Cohort for pediatric studies
  • Awarded $4.5m in pilot funding to 48 investigators from 2016-2021; resulted in $21m follow-on funding
  • Awarded 4 funded Team Science awards ($100,000 total) in 2019-21; resulted in $863,978 follow-on funding