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Children's National OnCore CRMS

what is oncore?

Children’s National Hospital is implementing OnCore®, a clinical research management system (CRMS) developed by Advarra, for research teams to use as a single, centralized, web-based platform to manage clinical research and facilitate fiscal and operational compliance.

OnCore is a Clinical Research Management System, or CRMS, that:

  • Enables users to manage protocols and study subjects in one place
  • Support clinical research billing compliance
  • Is HITECH compliant with customizable security and access roles
  • Can integrate with EMR and other research administration and financial systems

why use oncore?

Research at Children's National is currently managed using a variety of paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and our recently implemented PowerTrials module. A CRMS will integrate all components of research activity and allow us to move away from paper and Excel-based processes. With OnCore, we will have real-time access to the status of clinical research being conducted across Children's National.

The OnCore CRMS module will benefit PIs, study teams, and administrators involved in regulatory and financial functions. OnCore allows us to:

  • Effectively manage protocols
  • Improve study subject management
  • Streamline study start up timelines
  • Strengthen research reporting
  • Simplify research billing compliance
  • Streamline operations & simplify data management

OnCore offers additional modules, such as:

  • eReg – electronic regulatory management with the ability to share documents across studies and quickly and easily route documents
  • Biospecimen Management – including inventory, requisition, distribution, and annotation management

transitioning to oncore

Children's National has partnered with Huron and Advarra to implement OnCore, starting in February 2021.

OnCore will be implemented with a phased rollout approach that we expect to take 18-24 months. We plan on integrating OnCore with Cerner PowerTrials, IRBear, and PeopleSoft. Multiple policies and procedures will be developed or updated, and training materials will be created with in-depth training sessions provided.

Anticipate Go Live in Q4 2021!

coming soon

This site is intended to familiarize you with OnCore and our implementation plan. This site will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back periodically. We plan to release the following as we move forward with implementation:

  • OnCore Guidance Documents & Tip Sheets
  • Children's National CRMS Policies & Procedures
  • OnCore Training & Support
  • User Account Management
  • Protocol Start Up
  • Administrative Requirements
  • OnCore Login
  • OnCore Stats
  • OnCore Support


Sarah Anderson
Clinical Trials Management Coordinator
Clinical Trials Office
Grants and Contracts Administration and Finance