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International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN)


















The International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) is a worldwide consortium of children's advisory groups, known as Kids Impacting Diseases Through Science (KIDS) and Young Persons Advisory Groups (YPAGS). These dedicated youth member groups work in unison around the world to provide a voice for children and families in medicine, research, and innovation.

Our goal is to get kids where they need to be to have their voice heard. Our amazing youth make a difference throughout all facets of pediatric healthcare and clinical research, through interactions with industry, by presenting original research at conferences, by innovating new solutions, by advocating for the pediatric patient voice in healthcare world-wide, and by telling their at stories at conferences and to organizations like the FDA, NIH, NORD.


iCAN DC Chapter









Hope for Henry and Children’s National Hospital is the iCAN DC Chapter. They have taken an important step in celebrating, incorporating, and communicating the needs of children in medicine, research, and innovation in the greater Washington, DC area with the founding of the iCAN chapter. This group focuses on providing children with past clinical experience, experience using hospital services, chronic medical conditions and/or take medication regularly, and/or an interest in medicine and/or research, opportunities to share their experience with key stakeholders and learn more about child health.

Get engaged and participate in fun learning activities and lively discussion! Join our DC Chapter and contact us!

Visit to learn more about the DC Chapter.



Past events














iCAN Clinical Day at Children's National

iCAN members explored clinical practice with a tour of the neonatal intensive care unit and emergency transportation services. As a part of the tours, the members learned how physicians and nurses treat very small, premature, or congenitally ill babies and how paramedics perform a wide range of emergency care skills, such as automated defibrillation, care of spinal injuries, and oxygen therapy.

iCAN Research Day at Children's National
iCAN members explored clinical research with a tour of different research labs, including the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, and meet with prominent principal investigators at Children’s National. This event will help the iCAN members have a better understanding and appreciation for the development of a research idea: from inception in the lab to its introduction to the consumer market and beyond.